Act 40 Certification Changes

In accordance with the implementation of Act 40, all solar facilities located outside of the state of Pennsylvania, will be assigned a Tier I non-solar certification number in the format of PA-NNNNNN-NSTI-I (“NSTI”).   If facilities were already qualified in the PA AEPS program, this update occurred automatically in PennAEPS and PJM-GATS on May 7, 2018.  New out of state solar facilities applying for certification in the PA AEPS program will be issued a NSTI certification number to which they will register in PJM-GATS.

Out-of-state solar credits  from generation prior to and through the month of October 2017 will remain eligible for PA AEPS solar compliance until those credits are retired or expire.  These certificates will maintain their certification of PA-NNNNNN-SUN-I (“SUN”).  Credits are valid the year they are generated and for two years after.  The 2018 compliance year is June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018.

Out-of-state solar credits with generation from November 2017 and forward, will receive the NSTI designation.  PJM-GATS has updated existing certificates with this designation as of May 7, 2018.

The PA PUC will be issuing a Secretarial Letter with instructions on how EDCs and EGSs may file a petition to have contracts for out-of-state solar reviewed.  The deadline to submit a request will be July 2, 2018.  We will post the Letter as soon as it is available to us and you may also refer to the PA PUC’s webpage for additional information.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about these changes.