In Pennsylvania, Electric Generation Suppliers (EGSs) must create a PennAEPS electric supplier account and produce quarterly reports on their electric load by EDC zone. The quarterly reporting schedule is as follows:

Q Timeframe Deadline
1 June – August November 4
2 September – November February 4
3 December – February May 5
4 March – May June 30*
* Note the 30-day deadline as opposed to 60-days


EGSs have access to the PennAEPS electric supplier portal. Within the portal, EGSs can enter quarterly loads, download past load entries in Excel format and view compliance obligations for the past energy year. The image below shows a screen shot of the electric supplier portal.

Within the PennAEPS portal, click the Utilities link in the top menu bar. EGSs who have difficulty accessing the Utilities page are welcome to contact for assistance establishing an account.