Pennsylvania AEPS Revised Application

As of January 1, InClime assumed all administrative duties for the Pennsylvania AEPS Program.

To ensure seamless transition for alternative energy generators, please take note that there are several differences between the previous generator certification application process and the new process. Those changes are summarized below:

  • Aggregators should not create a separate generator account for each generator. The entire application should be done inside the aggregator’s account. It is still possible for a generator to open their own account, create an application and select an aggregator on Step 3 of the application process; however, it is not required. If this occurs, the aggregator will see the application in their Current Facility Applications queue as soon as the generator saves Step 3.
  • Aggregators should see an “Aggregators” link at the top of their screen after they log in. If you do not see that link, please email or call us at or (877) 453-2327, and we will add the appropriate role to your login.
  • The following fields have been removed:
    • Utility Account Number
    • SDF Project Number
    • SunShine Fund
    • SunShine PSP Number
    • mwh/yr
    • Contractor/Installer Information
    • Module Manufacturer
    • Module Model
    • Inverter Manufacturer
    • Inverter Model
  • The following fields have been updated or clarified:
    • Date Online replaced by Interconnection Part 2 date
    • Shading Impact is replaced by a derate factor
  • The following requirements have been added:
    • A copy of the final interconnection approval, generally called the Interconnection Part 2 is required to be uploaded beginning Feb 1st, 2016. It is optional until then.
  • The following features have been added:
    • Ability to enter up to three separate tilts and azimuths. If you have more than three, please enter the three largest and email us at with the remaining tilts and azimuths.