annual reports

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) work cooperatively to monitor the performance of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (PA AEPS).

The Annual Report is prepared for the Chairman and Minority Chairman of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and the Chairman and Minority Chairman of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

qualified facilities

More than 29,800 certified alternative energy generators, representing a diverse spectrum of alternative energy resource types, participate in PennAEPS. The full list of qualified facilities is updated regularly.


The sale and pricing of an Alternative Energy Credit (AEC) is negotiated between the seller — a certified alternative energy generator, their broker or an AEC aggregator — and the electric distribution company (EDC) or electric generation supplier (EGS) who buys the AEC.

AECs are tracked and transferred using the PJM Environmental Information Services Inc. (PJM-EIS) Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS). For information on the megawatt hours produced, emissions data, fuel source, location, state program qualification and ownership attributes of each AEC, please refer to the GATS database.

EDCs and EGSs provide annual reports to the PUC that detail the historical prices for Tier I, Tier II and Solar AECs.