In Pennsylvania, Electric Distribution Companies (“EDCs”) and Electric Generation Suppliers (“EGSs”) report monthly retail sales to PennAEPS on a quarterly basis during the energy year (June 1 – May 31).

EDC deadline to submit monthly sales and each EGS sales data in its territory:

Q Timeframe Deadline
1 June – August November 4
2 September – November February 4
3 December – February May 5
4 March – May June 30*
* Note the 30-day deadline as opposed to 60-days


EGSs have 2 business days after the EDC deadline to review and verify their sales data.

After the quarterly reporting deadline, the PA AEPS Credit Administrator will review the EGS and EDC entries and resolve discrepancies. Once the discrepancies have been resolved, the PA AEPS Credit Administrator will calculate and publish the quarterly adjustment on the PennAEPS website.

EGSs and EDCs have access to the PennAEPS electric supplier portal by logging into the PennAEPS portal.  The Utilities link in the top menu bar allows EGSs and EDCs to access their information to enter quarterly load data, download past load entries in Excel format and view compliance obligations from prior energy years.  Please contact the PA AEPS Administrator for detailed instructions on how make load entries in PennAEPS.

New EGSs serving load in Pennsylvania should contact the PA AEPS administrator  for assistance in establishing an account on PennAEPS.

At the end of the energy year, the PA AEPS Credit Administrator will calculate AEC obligations for each EGS and EDC and issue obligation letters on July 15.  EDCs and EGSs have until September 1st to complete AEC retirements in PJM-GATS.  Retirements not made by this date will be subject to the Alternative Compliance Payment.