Various firms in Pennsylvania and across the United States specialize in aggregating Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) or serve as brokers between certified alternative energy generators and Pennsylvania’s electricity distribution companies (EDCs) or electricity generation suppliers (EGSs).

For an aggregator or broker to be authorized to buy or trade AECs, the firm must provide PennAEPS with documentation that an alternative energy generator authorized the transfer of ownership of the generator’s AECs.

The price of an AEC is negotiated between alternative energy generators and the broker or aggregator of their choice. The PUC tracks historical AEC pricing.

AECs can be traded until they are retired for compliance purposes. No single AEC can be jointly claimed by multiple parties.

The following firms have requested to be listed as an aggregator and/or broker to buy or trade Pennsylvania AECs.  You can also find information about brokers and aggregators on the PJM-GATS website.

Please note: The listing of the firms is not meant to constitute a license, certification or warranty of any kind by the Pennsylvania PUC or Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Credit Program administrator.